Corrosion is affecting every business. Don’t let it touch yours!

Corrosion is an unwanted chemical process that may affect even the most significant businesses worldwide. Besides businesses, corrosion also affects the environment we live in. Cormet has taken the mission to offer high-quality testing in corrosion and help institutions overcome this issue.

Cormet’s clients come from various fields of activity, from university labs to the power generation industry. Surprisingly, even companies that seem to have nothing to do with corrosion have manifested an intense interest in this matter. Besides the three main categories of our customers:

  1. Oil & Gas and Steel Industries
  2. Power Generation Industry, and
  3. University Labs and Research Institutes,

Institutions like Ting, Same Day Loans 365 ORG, and QArea, have requested more information on how Cormet may help them. The thing is that you don’t need to run a laboratory or to have a fuel extractor to understand that corrosion may damage your business. Everything that has to do with wires, IT servers, metal types of equipment and so on can be affected by this phenomenon.

The need for testing corrosion has increased recently, and Cormet can fulfill them gracefully. We provide various solutions that may fit any company’s needs and conditions:

  • Test Loops
  • Electrochemical tools
  • Instruments for controlled-flow laboratory tests
  • Autoclaves & Test Cells
  • And the list can go on.

Our company’s values put the customer in the first place. Whatever the requests and the problems, we will find a way to deal with them so that the customers stay happy.

And we have managed to do that through time. Just take a look at our case studies. Please feel free to contact us anytime by finding the closest agent to you.